Monday, October 05, 2009  


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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Day 4 - Big Race!  


First I want to thank everyone who was cheering me on!  I'm sure so many of you knew how I did before I did.

Here are my results:
Swim: 12:46 - 19th place after swim
T1: 1:50 - I ran right past my bike and couldn't find it - my place dropped from 19th to 25th!
Bike: 31:20 - 16th place after bike
T2: 0:52 - still 16th
Run: 19:01 - 15th after run - probably my fastest run ever!  It felt great!
Total: 1:05:47
Place (age group): 15th (2nd American)
Place (overall): 126 (but this includes a whole age group that is messed up) - And 10th AMERICAN!!!!

Kamrah took a lot of video that I will try to post once I have good internet, but for now here are two photos. I will also give more details on how the whole race went when I have time.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 3  


This morning started out with some crumpets!  I've only heard of them, but they were really good.  Of course I still had some oatmeal and a banana.

We then took off to go watch the Age Group race.  If was good to see how some of the course would be and the transition.  We cheered on all the Americans.

It was also neat to see the paratriathletes.  It is amazing what these people have overcome to be here.

We then returned to the hotel to get our bikes and headed out to a TEAM USA meeting and then checked our bikes into the transition area.  We wont see them again until tomorrow morning.

Then we grabbed some great seats to watch the main event - the Men's Elite race!!!  This was very exciting!  This is like watching the Olympics!  These guys are sooo fast.
In from the swim
On the bike
Getting off the bike

We then returned home and had a little fun.

Then we ate a light pasta dinner and shaved up and went to bed!

Tomorrow I'm ready to kick some trash!!!  I am fairly certain we will be able to use wetsuits and I'm feeling good!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Day 2  


Today seemed to fly by.  We woke up and didn't have any food, so we went to a pancake house and I had all-you-can-eat pancakes.  They were actually good (I'm not a fan of American pancakes).  We then found a small grocery store and bought supplies for healthy, inexpensive meals for the next few days.

Soon after returning we loaded up and went to the race area and watched the Elite 23 and Under race.  These are the guys that will be winning the Olympics in a few years.

Right after we did a light swim in the area where will will swim for the race.  We are still not sure whether we'll get to use wetsuits or not.
Me and some others from TEAM USA.  As you can tell, I need a tan!!
I am the one actually swimming!

We then went for a short, easy run.  The air is great down here.  I felt good running.  I feel very good for this race.

After returning home I put together my bike, pumped up the tires, I'm ready to go!  I am so excited for this, but I still have two more days.  That is actually a good thing.  I'm still recoverying from the time change.

I cooked us up some yummming pasta with pesto sauce and chicken.  Don't forget the garlic breat.  Mmmmmmm!  However it wasn't that easy to eat because of a very unhappy child.  So, the food was cold when we actually ate it.

To finish off the night we walked around the town and saw some of the shops.  We saw an Aboriginy performer playing his Didgeridoo.  He was really good.  Then we were so exhausted by 9pm we had to head to bed.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Day 1 – Long flights, Contrary driving, and Parade of Nations  


Sorry for the delayed post.  The main reason for this is the first topic: Long flights.  Yes, they were very long.  I felt like for two days straight I was flying.  I left at about 5am for my flight to Denver, and then in the afternoon I flew to L.A., with a stop in Las Vegas.  Then, because the flight to LA was delayed I had to rush to get through customs just as we were boarding for the Australia flight.  This flight left at 11:30pm and was almost 14 hours long!  This was actually a miracle though, because when we switched our flights from Monday to Tuesday we could only get on a flight that went through Sydney first and it would be five hours longer.  However, when my wife, Kamrah, checked us in (she arrived straight from Salt Lake earlier in the evening) they told her there was room on an earlier flight to Sydney.  She told them that I wouldn’t be there in time, but that if they had more room on the flight that was straight to Brisbane that would be amazing.  So, we had a little miracle happen and we got on the flight that normally would have cost us another $1000 to get on.

We tried to sleep the whole time (because we didn’t get any sleep the night before as we were packing and getting everything ready), but a little “niƱo” would wake us up every once in a while.  I can’t complain, he did very well.  Many people told us how hard it was to deal with a child on a plane, but he did better than when at home.  We even had seat up near the front with a bassinet that came down from the wall for him to sleep in.

We finally arrived in Brisbane, Australia at 6:30am.  This meant we had another full day ahead of us.  We spent almost 2 hours getting through customs.  This was partly because of having a child and a bike.  We then rented a station wagon, so that my bike would fit in the back, and had to come to the reality of driving on the other side of the road.  Very weird at first!  We had about an hour drive down to the Gold Coast where our hotel is and where the event would be held.

After quickly dropping our stuff off to our room we had to rush down to the event center to check in at the allotted time for Americans.  I walked around some of the transition area and got familiarized with some of the course.

Not too much later I had to return there with my Team USA shirt and be ready for the Parade of Nations.  It was really cool to be involved in the opening ceremonies.  It wasn’t quit as dramatic as the Olympics (probably for budget reasons), but it was still very cool.  It was neat to see the other countries.  Some of them only had less than 10 racers.  After parading into the opening ceremony area we watched as they hoisted the Olympic and ITU (International Triathlon Union) flags.  Later, after some speeches, the New Zealand team did the Hakka.  Then there was a presentation of some Aboriginal dances.  These were pretty cool.  There was a little boy, about five or six, that was dancing too. (I have a video and just have to figure out how to post it - check back later).
dark - Opening Ceremonies

Then we were sooo exhausted that once we got home we crashed!!

Here are a few other random pictures.